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About Us: Our Farm


SkyeKingz Equestrian is creating a name for itself; known for its unwavering commitment to horsemanship, exceptional care, and fostering a vibrant community. We collaborate with several programs, hunter, jumper, and dressage alike and encourage our diverse community of riders, trainers, and competitors to come together to inspire, learn from, and celebrate each other. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or passionate beginner, we will welcome you with open arms. 

Our Story

At SkyeKingz Equestrian, our passion for the sport of riding and our deep love for horses have been the driving forces behind our establishment. Our family, united by a shared dedication to equine care, has inspired us to create an exceptional environment that benefits both the horse and rider. With your success in mind, our facilities are designed to cater to your needs. We boast a full size dressage court, a 100’x200’ flat ring, a 120’x330’ jump ring, and extensive trail networks just beyond our gates, offering a diverse range of spaces that cater to riders seeking quality, safe, maintained training facilities- all with the benefit of with breathtaking views. No matter your riding aspirations, we eagerly anticipate your visit to SkyeKingz Equestrian, where our family's passion and commitment await you.


Sophia Erickson

SkyeKingz Equestrian has been a game-changer for me and my horse. The exceptional care, top-notch facilities, and supportive community have taken our equestrian journey to new heights. It's a haven where we've found friendship, growth, and unwavering support. I'm grateful to be part of the SkyeKingz family.


Sabrina Smith

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with SkyeKingz Equestrian. The community is like no other and their attention to detail and care for the horses is incredible. I would highly recommend them to anyone as an equestrian horsey haven!


Naima Guy

I have had a first class experience with both of my horses at SkyeKingz. My senior and young horses both get all of the amenities daily. Great turnout, consistent feeding program, lots of bedding, and good footing to work in. An overall great facility for both horse and rider.

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