Pricing and Fees


Outside Stall with Shade


Barn Stall


Barn Stall with Outdoor Run


Basic Care

Basic Care is included with your board fee. 

Basic Care includes...

-Feeding 14x week

-Stall Cleaning 14x week

-Client provided Sheets, Blankets, Fly Masks, and Fly Sheets can be put on/taken off at request of client

-Client provided and pre-proportioned supplements (limited to one quart)

*Clients with Basic Care have access to turnouts after 4 pm for self-turnout. Please limit self-turnout to an hour.

Summer Heat Utility


(May through September)

This fee helps cover increased use of water for misters, increased drinking from horses, extra bathing water, increased fly spray for fly misters, additional watering of the rings, and increased electricity for fans.

Optional Service:

Full Valet Service



-Turnout and Exercise Service

-Lunging by request

-Assistance with travel prep (loading your tack and horse into trailer. You must pack your tack in a box prior to grooms loading).

-Your horse can be ready for you- call ahead or put your ride time on the board at least 24 hours prior and the grooms will have your horse ready for you to ride.

-Post ride untacking, bathing, and grooming for your horse.

-Post ride cool down time on euro exerciser

-Post ride compression wraps for your horse (client must provide pillow wraps and standing bandages)

-Barn Laundry (such as saddle pads, half pads, pillow wraps, standing bandages, and polo wraps) can be done for you by request.

Daily Board


Price for long term daily board will not exceed the monthly rate.

Will Pro-Rate for those coming to board.

Third Feeding



Alfalfa and Bermuda available with no additional cost.

Timothy, Orchard, and Teff will have an additional fee depending on current hay prices.

Optional Service:

Turnout and Exercise Service



Daily turnout or daily time on exerciser (managed by SkyeKingz Equestrian)

*Clients with Turnout and Exercise Service have access to turnouts after 4 pm for additional turnout. Please limit self-turnout to an hour.


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